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Thanks for the replies!

Yea, I am currently about to finish my loooong weekend and am just beating the Elite Four (Currently level grinding). The more I read, the more I am disappointed that the Pokemon I am actually excited to use are basically Roll-tier (Pardon, MvC pun). I guess I need to hold off on working on a Stall team and just focus on a very basic coverage team. Kinda bites not being able to use them but them's the breaks when looking at this game compeditivly, and I am just now getting my eyes oppened to a whole new method of play.

Now, to keep this from being flooded as another 'rate my team' thread and keeping it on rails to a more beginner oriented theme, I am currently wondering what would be my best bet after beating the Elite Four. I know I gotta go hunting to fill out the pokemon I do have avalible to start playing with as teams, but as I am told, the idea goes something like this:

Grab the pokemon female you need for your team
Mate with a compatible male who may pass on a needed move (Spikes are the big one I am told)
Keep making eggs until you get a pokemon with a complimentery nature that's level 1
Use XP Share to level it up/Evolve it
Once it's at a level where it can EV train effectivly, start EV training
Once it is EV trained and evolved, throw it in the pokemon daycare to finish leveling it to 100 while you are repeating the process with another lvl1.

That about sum it up?