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Oo I love questions :D

What region would your journey begin in?
Sinnoh - no surprises here! I've expressed my love for Sinnoh countless times in the past so I won't again, but basically it's just such a beautiful region with so much to do and the most interesting Pokémon so I'd definitely want to make this the region I travelled through; also there's so many interesting characters to meet like Barry and Volkner so you'd never have a boring time in Sinnoh!

Where in that region would be your hometown?
Snowpoint City, another area that I've explained my love for countless times. Basically for similar reasons to the region itself; it's a beautiful city with so much to do around it and so much to explore, plus it's a short boat ride away from the challenge islands and it has Candice! ♥

Assuming you get it from an egg, what Pokemon would become your partner?
I'm assuming that we're getting it from an egg just in the sense that it could be any Pokémon, in which case I'd choose Bronzor as my partner, but I guess if it actually had to come from an egg then I'd go with Sandshrew. Once again, no surprises here with either Pokémon and I've explained my love for both soo many times, but they're just both incredibly cute and powerful Pokémon with some very quirky features and wonderful typings!

What nickname would you give him/her?
Bonzor would be called Rusty and Sandshrew would be called Chili if male, Orange if female. :)
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