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I dislike Emolga. Whenever I go Audino-hunting, what annoys me the most is Emolga popping out of the shaking grass one after another. PLUS Emolga have Double Team which makes it keep avoiding attacks. Doesn't anyone else feel the same way?!

I also dislike Basculin. It's about the only pokemon to appear while I'm surfing, or more frustratingly, while I'm hunting for a specific pokemon. ARGH. But this dislike is less than Emolga's dislike.

I don't really dislike Stunfisk, but it is one of those which have the label "I'm going to run away every time I encounter one" on it.

Hmm..what else? I don't really have anything else in mind..but when something else comes up, I'll pop in here again. :)
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