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Well, I just finished FireRed ElecMono, and it wasn't that bad. Well, fighting brock with a level 14 Pikachu is something I never want to do again but other than that it was decent.Here's my team if anyone's interested...

Tesla(Raichu)Female Lv.55
-Brick Break
-Mega Punch
-Tail Whip

Dynamite(Electrode) Lv.55

Tundabolt!(Jolteon)Male Lv.57
-Double Kick

Magnus(Magneton) Lv.55
-Tri Attack

Pain Train(Electabuzz)Male Lv.56
-Brick Break

Now it's off to Gen II! By the way, the creator of this thread still hasn't signed me up so am I allowed to update my posts here or not?

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