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Originally Posted by BlacknYellowHD View Post
I am looking since months for a Ditto with 6*31 which is not german in Gen 4, I have looked in 3 communitys, all of it, and nobody wants to do it. I know you don't do Gen 4 RNG abusing any more but could you make an exception?
I hopefully am able to give you everything, except of RNGs?
I can also give you some german events if you want?
Or an japanese Alomomola with (DW) Regenerator?
Hey BnYHD I have your ditto for you, it's modest shiny in a dive ball 4th gen with the NN DittoENG, sorry it took me so long to do this, since it wasn't a very hard RNG at all, I was just very busy when you first requested it, and other things needed to get done. So I have your ditto, I don't need anything special for it since you have been waiting for a long time for this pokemon in general, it's on the house.

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