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Quote originally posted by Spinosaurus:
They can't sue them, PETA isn't doing anything illegal.

Unless you didn't know parodies are legal, but now you do.

This. Though I'd consider it more defamation than parody.

Quote originally posted by GardevoirxGalladeForever:
Oh gawd. How stupid can PETA get? It's a freaking kids game... It says clearly on the box, comic mischeif, not blood and foul language. -facelaptop- SIGH. PETA. Y U HAVE TO TARGET POKEMONZ?

I believe the "point" they are trying to get across is that the concept of Pokemon is basically pitting animals against each other in battle, drawing parallels with things like cockfighting in real life.

Doesn't make what they're doing any less senseless and ****ing stupid though.

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