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Eh?! How can there be Join Avenue names? For sure...I'm still a noob...Simply Level 3, with some shops with an amount that doesn't even go to 10...There, I gave myself the title of "Gunsou", Japanese for "Sergeant"...I pretty much took it out of the person that's in my signature right now...Keroro Gunsō. I used "Gunsou" because there isn't this type of Gunsou: Gunsō. All the shops were mainly from the Dream World and a few fans, but I don't get lots of new shops, 'cause I chose to just have only 1 of each store type, but I once broke this...And my phrases are "Ge~rori" and "Wow!", I think...Yeah, the second one's basic, I couldn't think of anything. For "Ge~rori" all came from Keroro as well. But he normally goes like "Ge~rogerogerori", so it should be really long.
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