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Quote originally posted by ZettaSlowbro:
I sort of like the "middle gen" the best. It had the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
Me too, I have realized. Gameplay was decent and swift there and graphics were good enough to keep you interested but simple enough to not make it feel like a totally different game from the colorless versions. Also, the music in Hoenn is amazing.

Quote originally posted by ZettaSlowbro:
and turning the giant pillar, that was once a giant tomb that symbolized despair, into a radio tower; that's an example of where newer graphics went wrong.
That's not because of graphics. It follows the story of the old Gold/Silver games, who had "bad" graphics but still had the pokémon tower rebuilt into a radio tower.

As for myself, my favorite pokémon games when it comes to graphics are the first Johto ones. G/S/C. It's simple and pixely, but it is colorful and tempting in some strange way. It might just be nostalgia, but I have always loved the sprites and environments from those games the most. Part of what makes Johto my favorite region.

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