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Quote originally posted by Skyy:
Okay I ran into a problem. I'm underwater where you are suppose to dive to get to the ELITE 4 and everything looks all foggy with clouds and I can't see anything. I have no idea where I'm going. Any solutions?

Oh. There is a non-translated part. If you don't have dive and you try to dive, it will say something in Portuguese.
Can you post a screenshot? Or even better, tell me where it is and send me screenshots showing the entire text? That's one of the things Ash would be able to fix, and I can run it through a translator (or he can if he wants to).

Quote originally posted by newhades17:
still didnt work...........

i dont think it's the emulator messing up, i think it's the game. gonna mess around and try to figure it out

just figured out it's the white screen that video was supposed to help with, but that solution NEVER works
Did you delete the .sav file from your previous attempt? And any other files created by the emulator?

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