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Eli, Geoff & Isla - Petalburg Inn, Petalburg City

He didn't see anything, did he? Maybe the lazy maid was right about Geoff being a pervert, if he even knew Eli was there. He didn't call her name, so Eli assumed she was off the hook.

When she returned to the room, Isla was in the restroom, so Eli slipped into a clean pair of shorts and watched some television, leaving her hair to dry out without getting her hat or shirt wet.

"Help!" Professor Oak shouted on-screen. "I've been pushed down the stairs and I can't get up!" An announcer started talking off-camera, over the rest of the video.

"This has happened to everyone one time or another. People who've been pushed down the stairs and are stuck helpless on the floor can get horrible pains, but LifeAlarm can help. Simply press the button on our patented LifeAlarm Necklace. It will send out an incessant air horn sound, and one of our respondents will dispatch a team to reach you immediately." The screen switched to a middle-aged woman wearing the necklace. It did not look like anything a person would want to wear in public... or in private. It was just a 2-inch wide embedded button with a speaker and cord in it.

"Without LifeAlarm, I was nothing more than a paperweight if I was pushed down the stairs, but now I can pull dangerous stunts with my friends involving my concrete stairs anytime I want and not have to worry about simply laying there waiting to die!"

Within moments, it overlaid a foggy-white screen with red wording on it. Some of it was a phone number that was blurred out, the rest saying, "Call LifeAlarm today to see if your medical insurance will support you having LifeAlarm, or visit our website at!'

"Eli, are you back? How was the bath?"

"It was nice."

"Bet Derpy loved it."

"Tried to drown himself a few times, but he looked like he was having fun." Eli remembered that she left Derpy there, but figured Señor Pervert would bring him back. Señor Pervert, of course, was enjoying himself. Derpy acted as silly as usual, and the heat lightened Geoff's senses enough to laugh at anything, even if it was Derpy showing him how to perform a self-drowning. (Derpy still didn't drown.)

Eli flipped the channel to a rerun of a Pokémon battle between Quinn Anderson and the gym leaders of Mossdeep City, Tate and Liza. Tate and Liza had four Pokémon between the two of them: Lunatone and Solrock, and a Xatu and Sigilyph. Quinn only had three Pokéballs, but a few Burst Hearts were hanging around his neck in chains. This was from about four years back, when Quinn was taking the Pokémon League Challenge.

"Weavile, use Night Slash on Lunatone! Pawniard, Iron Defense!" As Pawniard braced itself against Solrock's Rock Throw, Quinn's Weavile struck at Lunatone, unaffected by its attempt at Psychic.

"Lunatone, use Rock Tomb!" Unable to keep up with Weavile at first, Rock Tomb knocked its speed down a peg and did some serious damage.

"Solrock, Rock Slide!" Pawniard, recovered from Solrock's first attack, grabbed its partner and led it through the second, using Metal Claw to break anything it couldn't avoid.

"Alright, Pawniard, throw Weavile up and use Scary Face! Weavile, follow it with Dark Pulse!" Pawniard's eyes flared yellow after tossing Weavile higher into the air, Lunatone and Solrock both wincing and backing up a bit before Weavile fell down with a glowing black orb on top of them. In that blow, both Solrock and Lunatone fell, and Quinn congratulated his team until Tate and Liza continued the battle with Xatu and Sigilyph.

Eli was engrossed in seeing her dad's old battles. It was almost like she was in the stadium with a seat on the sidelines, watching it live, but Isla broke the illusion. The latter obviously didn't expect in the least to see the guy she was crushing on half-naked, but she sat on the nearest bed and passed right out finding out that same guy is a girl. (Sh–She's gonna sleep that off, right?)

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