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Quote originally posted by MerchantGhost:
First of all, great hack. I've been enjoying it for a while now. I just have a couple of questions.
1: Regarding the new beta (7.6) was the problem with Blaziken's cry fixed?
2: Why was Swellow beefed up to mythic proportions?
Sound problems are still there. It's because the base ROM he used had those problems in the first place. Enjoy your static Seedot.

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
I am not expert in seeing cries but one thing I do know about Swellow
That is Suicune had already maxed its stats as now it evolves at Level 28. It can also now be able to learn moves like Flamethrower, thunder etc. What else do you want from it
I think he meant that he wasn't a fan of the idea...
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