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BURST Rogue of the Shadows

"Guys, wanna take a break in our match and have a snack at my place? I live just some streets away,"

Aww, Sh**. He had been hoping that no one had heard, but that pesky girl seemed to make it pretty damn obvious that she knew. However much he'd rather avoid all of these preppy trainers, he knew as well as they probably did that he needed to eat. Fortunately, the bicker bros. decided against it. One out of three... Good enough I guess.

He decided to follow her to her house or whatever, only to realize that this meal would indeed come with a cost; conversation.

"What important things do you have to do? Collecting gems and playing tricks with them? I've never seen people train pokémon to merge with them before."

"I'm guessing it's gonna cost me a conversation for food? I guess that's fine...." He shrugged somewhat lazily. At least he gets to eat. "Important things meant going out to find food somewhere, so I guess I don't have anything else to do for the time being. And these gems are called 'BURST Hearts'. If you can use one properly you can fuse with the Pokemon inside, as well as pull yourself into the gem... Consciously anyways." He pulled out the Gem once more, watching the Poochyena inside, and he was watching back as well. "I... Stole this gem. From Gaia, anyways. I don't know if you're familiar with the Petalburgh Forest, but I live there, and they intruded. They had the nerve to stomp on my only supply of food-" Dusk was clenching his fists rater tightly, and as he unclenched them he could see the indentations of his nails pressing into his skin. No doubt his voice probably built up at the end. "I beat them all to pulps and saw this gem, and saw the Pokemon inside it, I figured it'd be better off away from those bast***s."

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