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Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
I don't use Java, but I know about OpenGL. If this happens then it is because of your OpenGL implementation does not use hardware acceleration. Most beginners use the fixed pipeline which is bad and old but everyone's computer supports. A good OpenGL implementation (but which older computers do not support) relies on shaders (generally versions 3.x and up). Shaders are done on the GPU rather the CPU which makes it a whole lot faster and less CPU intensive like which you are seeing.

Under research, I found that the default Java 2D library uses hardware accelerations based on what is supported. The code probably makes it so that it chooses whichever highest OpenGL version you support and uses it. Your implementation probably only uses a single version.
I'm not talking about my implementation, because I dont have one. I was just asking because I've seen many java engines that use more CPU when using opengl compared with software rendering. One example is the well known mmorpg Runescape. And what I was going to say after his answer, was that since 2d pokemon games don't require an high fps value, he can put a cap on the fps and stay with java2d as it will use less CPU than the opengl implementation while having the same drawing performance.

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