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The two young women appeared in the middle of the town of Dysthaven on Floor 4. Krissu had gotten dressed into her field attire, with her leather armor on and her broadsword in its sheath on her back. They had teleported from Celedona's portal directly to this place. As soon as some player had cleared the boss on a floor, every player was able to teleport to the next floor if they wished to. The game was kind in that manner. Seems fair, as it was so unkind in other ways. This allowed for the player civilization to spread up as the floors got cleared. Of course, now it had been a while since Floor 5 was revealed... progress seemed to be halted somewhat. Krissu wasn't about to go up there and help them, anyways. Not yet.

"This isn't the most cheerful place..." she commented, sweeping a hand at the empty square in front of the portal. "But I guess it must be a heaven for a Blacksmith? To live and work so close to a lot of good ore. I wonder why Architam didn't suggest that we moved here instead. Probably because it's more dangerous than Floor 2..." She interrupted herself and shut up, realizing that she had been voicing her thoughts out loud.

"Anyways. Are you good at finding your way around here? I've only been here thrice or so, and I never ventured far from Dysthaven town. Few plants on this floor, you know," she said, turning back to Elise. Her red hair seemed a bit off in the dusty, not very colorful world around her. This town couldn't be much bigger than Celedona. Perhaps even smaller, as this land wasn't quite as pleasant to live in.

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