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You could have a Retro Section (For GB/GBC games)
A previous Generation Section (The past 2 Gens, 3 & 4)
And the Current Generation Section with BW / BW2 ?
Then you have to make a General section for PGC, Challenges, and Spinoffs. It just seems like too many unnecessary categories, really. :/ Because Adv Gen and Gen IV are just two forums. Two forums for a whole category? And then Metal/Color are already put together, so one forum making its own category isn't good either. I think the real solution should just be renaming CGPD to DS Generation Games.

In a modding perspective, I'm doing fine, I don't really need a partner, and as Sydian has made clear she doesn't really require any assistance either. However, if the time came and the inevitable move was made, I'm sure we'd work together well.
Keep in mind Aegis left about a week after I was modded though... ;3 jk I didn't bite or anything. lol

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