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Username: Eeveon
You partner Eevee name: Xavier the Eevee! (Named after my Umbreon in Black 2.)
Why do you like Eevee?: For an obvious answer, because Eevee are adorable! Also because of their unique evolutionary trait of being able to become one of seven different types! Not to mention they're based off of fennec foxes, and foxes are my favorite animal! ♥

Which Eeveelution do you think is overrated?
Hmm... I guess I might have to go with Espeon? I would say Eevee, but because it isn't an Eeveelution, it wouldn't exactly count (despite how many Eevee I see in comics or stories and such). I see Espeon used a lot too; it's got a cute and elegant design that possibly attracts a lot of attention while it's also a pretty powerful Psychic-type Pokémon that can learn some great attacks. I admit to being a HUGE Espeon fan, myself. I had one in my CD: Gale of Darkness and loved it! So, yeah, Espeon is kind of overrated due to its looks and strength.

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Which Eeveelution do you think is overrated?
Glaceon, definitely. Everyone constantly rants about how great a Pokémon it is and how powerful it is, but I've yet to see it be used effectively once. It's a Pokémon that can get taken down in one hit moderately easily and as a result it can only usually get one or two attacks in at max. This, coupled with it being an Ice type and therefore not gaining access to any exceptional moves, makes it a pretty over-rated Pokémon in my opinion, especially with how often people say it's a great Pokémon and it should be used all the time x3 Leafeon however is perfection omg <3
Glaceon considered overrated? That's kind of hard for me to believe, seeing as a lot of the time I see someone talk about terrible of a Pokémon it is. D; Glaceon is super cool, though, but I don't think it's overrated, judging from all the hate I've seen on the poor thing. :<

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