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A Mario club! I was actually waiting for something like this to pop up here. <3 Count me in!

Your Username: Cid
Your Companions: Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser. Luigi's always been my man in every game I play with him on it, and he's probably my favourite character for the franchise as a whole, and has been for quite a while. :D Yoshi's just so cute and likeable, and I loved playing SMW2 because of him. And I've grown to like Bowser after the RPG styled Mario games.
Favorite Mario Game: From the main series games, I have to pick the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES, just because nothing beats the fun I've had playing that game. If SMW2: Yoshi's Island counts then it comes a close second. For everything related to Mario, Paper Mario for the N64. I loved it a lot.

Do you prefer the classic Mario games or the modern, 3D platformed(64-Wii)?
I like both, honestly. But if they stopped making one style in favour of the other, I'm going to have to choose the modern Mario games, because I think there's still a lot more innovative, creative, and most importantly, fun games to come from the forthcoming line of 3D Mario games. The 2D ones are getting a little stale as the series goes on, in my opinion. Case in point, I'm a bit disappointed with NSMB2 and NSMBWiiU for being too safe, if that's the right term to use.