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"Please insert your left arm." Words of red glimmered, pointing an arrow to the left of Ryuu. The demon looked at the whole, wondering what the purpose of it was, but didn’t much think about it, as he inserted his arm. He wanted to get it all over with and go into the arena already, so he was willing to do one more task like this. It’s not like it would lead to something horrifically awful, would it? Would it?

Ryuu placed his large arm inside, which was barely able to fit in the tight space. It then enclosed around him. Then, a projection of a familiar face, Natruo, the god he had fought earlier in his time here, was shown. He was smiling at Ryuu, before speaking. "Hello my fair participants!" He began. It appeared to be a transmitted projection of himself to not only Ryuu, but to everyone.

"Welcome to the eighth annual Population Games. As you have probably noticed, things are a little different this year."

Ryuu smirked. So this was apparently different. Ryuu rather liked that. For newcomers like himself, it didn’t much matter. But for others who have already participated before, namely Bern, he hoped this provided even some measure of discomfort for them. Even the slightest possibility of such made Ryuu happier.

Natruo went on to explain the purpose of the tube and the hole, and where his arm was attached to, which turned out to be a handcuff of some sort. Ryuu was perplexed by this, but continued to listen. However, the longer he listened, the more he was starting to think that this wasn’t going to be something he would like. As he showed a demonstration of how two people were tied up, and the impossibility of breaking it, any happiness on Ryuu’s face was gone, and instead replaced by a mixture of lingering confusion, boiling anger, and hidden anxiety about who he was handcuffed to. When Natruo mentioned that one person was not tied to anyone, a small glimmer of hope was brought back to him. But Ryuu knew it wasn’t him. He was clasped to someone. He didn’t know who, but he tried to figure out the possibilities.

If it was Raike or Kerin, he could deal with it. They were strong and sturdy enough to get by without too much trouble. If it was Bern, he may very well purposefully ‘harm’ himself just so she could get a taste of her own medicine. But there were a few people Ryuu had absolutely no interest in pairing up with, namely angels and the others humans. A demon or a vampire he could probably deal with, or one of the other specific people he mentioned would do. Anyone less would not be good. At all. Ryuu was slowly coming to terms with his situation. He accepted that he would have to deal with another person. Heck, he even assumed that given Natruo’s battle with him, he had garnered enough respect and liking to Ryuu that he would pair him up with someone he would like…right? Ryuu liked the sound of his own logic, and a slight bit of hope was instilled in him, as well as a smile. He would most likely be paired up with someone favorable. He had to think positively about it.

The tube began to slide down, and as it did, the color of Ryuu’s face seemed to literally vanish for the first time he was here.

In one’s life, you have the opportunity to meet countless individuals. Some, you take a liking to almost immediately. Others may have a slightly less exceptional first impression upon you, but recover later with a stronger impression in your following meetings, and the two of you may develop a great relationship as friends. There are also those that one simply sees in a neutral fashion, merely acting as faces, and are often forgettable, or unimportant in your life. Then there are those you simply cannot take a liking to, whether by initial meeting or the process of discovering an individual overtime. It is the cycle of life for individuals to meet people across all of these classes, and those also not mentioned. The quantity one would meet in each category depends on the person themselves. Some friendlier, social individuals will have an opportunity to meet with all kinds of folks. Others who are less social will meet not as many, but generally all or most criteria are met.

But there is one type of person that everyone meets. It is that person that, for an inexplicable reason, or one that is easily understandable, you hate with a burning passion. Your disdain for that person is beyond measure, and every time the individual enters your presence, your day is instantly ruined. You loathe that person’s very name. If that person were to die horribly the following day, the only thing you would be sad about was that you didn’t get a chance to watch, or participate.

To Ryuu, that person was Marisa, and Marisa was his partner. Words couldn’t possibly describe the emotions simultaneously running through Ryuu’s body, which is probably the reason he hadn’t said anything yet. Instead, he merely looked down on the ground, cursing his ‘luck’, though he doubted the assignment of this was at all random.

“F***.” He finally said out loud. “F***ing sh**. Why…why!? What did I do to deserve this!?” Ryuu dropped onto his knees and pounded his fists on the ground. There was only one consolation Ryuu could find the situation: When he found one of those keys, Marisa would die first.

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