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The Dark Unknowing...
A fire was burning, the only light on a moonless night. A father and his son sitting close by to escape the cold that the mountain air often brought. Sovereign stared up at the stars. He suddenly felt himself filled with an emotion he was not familiar with. He suddenly felt so insignifigant compared to the boundless heavens above. Erratt could tell his son was unnerved, and sought to give him comfort. "There's no need to fear them, my son. You will find that the gods are quite generous to those who follow tradition. You have been blessed with incredible power, but never forget where that power comes from. Our ancestors, the ancient dragons of legend, bestowed upon the ancient dragons of our world, a power which can rival the gods themselves. Never forget my son." As Sovereign turned his head to look up at Erratt, the image suddenly froze. A single moment in time, that Erratt wished would never have ended. As he looked upon this scene, he yearned for that innocent time to return. But, instead, he was trapped by the darkness, which plagued Sovereign's soul. "He's not progressing fast enough." Erratt was not speaking to anyone in particular, he just liked to think out loud sometimes.

"I think he's moving along quite nicely!" The horrid voice of Varren cut through the silence. "I honestly don't know why you feel the need to turn your own son into a monster. Do you honestly think that making him into a thing with no personality will free you from this place? If it were so easy I would have done that myself." Erratt was wary of Varren. He clearly had very sinister intentions. "Stay away from Sovereign, Varren. We don't need you filling his head with your crazy ideas." Varren smiled that terrible smile as he always did. "Just try and stop me. You may be stronger than me, but I've been here longer, and the darkness is my domain..." He said as he faded into the vast infinite void that was their prison. Erratt pondered a moment. "She's a problem" he said as he came to a memory of Sovereign and Vera fighting together on the battlefield. "She must be dealt with..."

Sovereign & Vera
"We lost Ignitus to the Gold Tribe, and Frost to her own selfish arrogance," Sovereign said in follow up to Genevieve's report. He had nothing else to say on the matter. He wanted nothing more than to get back out on the battlefield as soon as possible. He was not comfortable in the comfort of such a lavish building.

Vera could see that Genevieve was in a lot of pain. Though she tried to hold it in, it was pretty obvious. "In regards to the battle in Albia..." Vera then proceeded to give a very intricate, and detailed report on the exact details of the battle. She had had an exceptional vantage point during most of the battle. Almost as if to taunt Genevieve, she decided to end the report as such: "In regards to the battle on the way to Silver City, I killed the leader of the enemy force, a Breloom. That is all."