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Silver City

After Genevieve and Sovereign had given their reports, Scar looked at Auron, awaiting his reaction. For a while, he did not speak. He found the silence unsettling. Scar was able to read others relatively well, but was never able to with Auron. He couldn't tell was he was thinking at the moment, wondering if he was contemplating what they had said, or perhaps forming some sort of plan, or perhaps a punishment for them, since they had technically failed in the defense of Albia, and lost two Sentinels in the process. Scar knew Auron was capable of many things, some he could understand and perceive, like using him immense strength to rip him in half, and others he could not, like what he had done to Ignitus in Albia. It was that which he knew not how Auron did it that was the more frightening.

In the silence, Scar's eyes wandered down to an object hanging around Auron's neck by a necklace. It was strange that, given the size of the object, Scar had not noticed it before. It was as if it was...invisible to him, or as if it was merely part of Auron's body. The strange thing was that Scar was beginning to try to identify what this object was, but he couldn't find the words for it. He knew what it was, it was obvious, but it was as if it was inexplicable. He couldn't understand. But the more he tried, the more his head began to hurt. Scar suddenly saw Auron no longer looking passed him, but rather right at him. The two Pokemon's eyes met, and in an instant, any discomfort Scar experienced was gone, and Scar completely forgot about whatever it was he was looking at.

"Scar..." Auron began. "You will take the Inferno, the Siren, the Crusher, and a regiment of Ancients and go to Eden Forest."

"May I ask, Lord Auron, what it is you want us to do there?" Scar asked normally, as if nothing had happened only a few moments earlier.

"...It is time for the thieves' end..." he said, and the Sentinels understood. Scar nodded eagerly with a smile. He had wanted to see the forest burned for a long time. Previous, smaller attempts had been fruitless, the thieves masterfully using the trees to escape their pursuers. This time, it seemed, Auron intended to use superior force to completely eradicate them.

"...Deluge...go to Cape City. You will receive the rest of your orders there..."

"By your will, Lord Auron." Deluge said with a deep bow.

"...Sentry...see to the task I assigned to you earlier..."

"As you command, Lord Auron." Sentry said with a bow as well.

"...You may depart." Auron concluded, no more was to be said among them. Such was the meetings between Auron and his Sentinels. He never spoke to them for very long, even to give out orders. As the Sentinels headed for the exit, Scar walked closer to Genevieve, Sovereign, and Vera. The Inferno walked slightly ahead of the others.

"I sort of expected him to acknowledge any of the past actions." Scar began to tell the others. "He didn't even mention Albia, or the other army we destroyed."

Scar looked up ahead to see the Inferno heading left deeper into the city instead of towards the barracks to gather up the armies for the invasion. "Hey, where do you think you are going?"

"To the infirmary." He called back.

"You injured?" Scar yelled back at him.

"No, but I'd rather you four be at your top shape. I don't want you slowing me down during the invasion."


Plains of Valkaria

The Swift spoke first, and Zane listened eagerly, learning of his brother's passed struggles within the Korhal Mountains and the Thieves Forest. He had a brother in the tribe as well, it appeared. Even though he was about the same age as Zane, he had been through a lot. The Healer spoke briefly about her early life in Eternity City, and her mother, and then her sending off to Gold City to be trained for the tribe.

"Well..." Gallant said, rubbing his chin as he thought back. "...a lot of you actually already know me. I was your teacher for a long time, after all. At least, for those of you who attended the Heroes Alliance School when you were training to be Gold Tribe members. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for the way you all turned out. Imagine if you all would have been put under a different'd all be dead by now for sure!"

Zane grinned. He was happy that, even in the midst of all of this, he at least had not changed much. He was still the same grumpy, tough Sawk, and the years have only made him tougher, and apparently grumpier. While he was happy to be conversing with the newer members of the group, he noticed Defender not wishing to talk to anyone else besides the newer members, except TrueStriker. He realized he may have still been quite upset because they lied to him. Zane understood why he was angry. It would be the natural way for a Pokemon to react. However, it was not quite the natural way for a member of the Gold Tribe to react. The Gold Tribe were taught early on in their training that the good of the entire Alpha Alliance came before the good of any one of them. This was a concept supposed to be embraced by the Gold Tribe. Defender was in a tough situation, and if Guardia had not lied to him, he would have gone back to that insane way he was before, and they needed his planning in the battle. The good of the many for the price of the well being of one. It should make sense. Yet in the Gold Tribe itself is an unwritten rule among each member. There is a reason, after all, that each of them refer to each other as brothers and sisters. It is supposed to be because, although not bonded by blood, they were bonded by something much deeper, a code that was as old as the Alpha Alliance itself. In this way, they truly were brothers and sisters. And in this way, he could see how Defender would be angry with them. It was a tough choice to pick, between the two paths. Guardia chose as any Gold Tribe member would. But she didn't choose as any sister would, and neither did the rest of them, except TrueStriker.

The others went around telling a few stories about themselves as well. Guardia spoke of her time with her father, Rey, and the tough training he put her through growing up. She also talked about her time in Eternity City as the rebel leader in their last battle there. Sword and Shield talked about his parents, who happened to be two renowned explorers before they became members of the Gold Tribe. Zane had no knowledge of that beforehand, although he was aware of them. Speculum talked a bit about his time in H.A.S. under Gallant with his brother Xavier. He mentioned how brutal a lot of Gallant's old exercises were. Zane didn't need to be reminded. He remembered all of the pain he went through. Bringing the things up again made the old Sawk grin even brighter, pleased that his wounds still resided in his students. Zane supposed this meant that he had succeeded in what he had intended to do. Though, in honesty, them being alive now was enough for that.

Others talked, while others stayed silent, but eventually, the group crept closer to their location. Zane didn't actually even think much about their destination because of the conversations, but as they began to get closer, all the memories and the dreams were rushing back. They were right next to the Korhal Mountains, the large mountainside extended as far as his eyes could carry them, and rising high into the clouds. Zane could hear rain and possibly snow on the top of the mountains, and recalled that one of their desired paths was to cross over there. Thankfully, they didn't have to cross there. It would have been brutal.

Directly in front of them was slowly coming into view a pair of large, old doors connected to the root of the mountains. They were still a bit distance away, and yet they were quite easily visible. This was due to the incredible size of the doors themselves, standing a good 10 meters (about 32 feet) off the ground. The size became even more apparent as they came closer. Once they were directly in front, Zane got a good look at the door itself. Gold it was once, supposedly a long time ago shining brightly as it would be reflected off of the sun. It was said in the ancient times to be quite a marvel, a jewel of Valkaria. Though now it had lost a lot of its luster, it still was a tremendous sight. Moss and rust covered the doors, but bits of gold still resonated off of it.

Zane took one more look at the door, and then looked around the area. There was no sign of trouble around, and by the tranquility he saw around, it looked like this was an area not often disturbed, if at all. Zane was starting to wonder if there truly was anything worth knowing in here. Maybe there was, but maybe it was all for nothing. Or maybe even worse, something nasty lingered inside.

"Well, let's not just stand here like idiots." Gallant said abruptly. His sudden voice actually took Zane a bit by surprise. "We made the journey here. Now let's finish it!"

Zane nodded at him, taking off his emblem and displaying it in front of the door. The others did the same. The emblems of the Gold Tribe were said to be the keys that granted a member access to the inside. Zane didn't know exactly how it worked, but he knew the general ritual as described in early texts he read in school. The Gold Tribe stood there with their emblems sticking out, waiting for something to happen, and nothing did. Eventually, Speculum spoke.

"Maybe it's broken..." He said, half jokingly.

"Aww dangit!" Hoodhide added. But just as he finished speaking, the doors started to shake, pieces of attached vines and moss falling off the door. Then it began to slowly open, and eventually the doors opened wide to the Gold Tribe. Inside, Zane could see nothing but darkness. He didn't know what to expect on the inside.

"Come on." Zane said, reattaching his emblem back to his shoulder. "Let's go inside. Be ready for anything."

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