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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm pretty sure Hamilton is an absolute no-go. It would be an excellent place in theory--Hamilton either already has a big enough stadium or they're excited to build one (forget which) and there are plenty of people who'd go to the game but it's very close to Toronto. I swear I remember reading part of the reason Winnipeg got the Jets back instead of Hamilton getting a team was that Leafs fans would just go to Hamilton for the cheaper games and generally everyone at every game would probably just be from Toronto so it's not much of a home team. Hamilton is probably one of the most successful places they could put an NHL team money-wise but I don't think it would have the "feel" they seem to want.

:( Last time I went to an NHL game was when I was in Edmonton because it's SO expensive in Toronto. I'd really like for Hamilton to get a team so I could at least go to games there, lol.
I don't even know the prices for admission to any games, but I know it'd be a lot more than anything I have right now. It is kinda nice to see the Jets back, but now people in Québec want the Nordiques back, from what I've heard.