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Originally Posted by Dechuri View Post
Can I sableye have wonder guard? Some one told me that shiny sables have it and I couldn't find info on it
Yes, by using YAPE, you can make Sableye vulnerable only to Toxic (in other words, make it have Wonder Guard).
Shininess isn't factor here.

Originally Posted by mewmasterify View Post
is it possible to make a Pokemon Follow you Pokemon Hack?
Jambo's working on routine, it's not possible now.

Originally Posted by Yogi1881 View Post
How would I create new Abilities?
Like lets take Castform's ability Forecast.
I want to make it so the pokemon would transform through only a SINGLE Whether condition and maybe boost type moves.
Is there any way to do that.
I am use a Ruby Base ROM
Check the newest tutorial in the tuorial section.

Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
How do I delete text in A-Text so that it doesn't show up in game? All I've managed to do is delete the text from A-Text but still have it appear in game, or get a blank text-box in game.
You need to delete the offset in XSE.
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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