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Originally Posted by GreatNatsu101 View Post
i can offer you a garchomp lv.53 or a dragonite lv.55 for that Gallade
Has the garchomp been EV'd?

Originally Posted by Mudinjakarp View Post
For Jirachi
How about a Phione, or shiny geodude(my only shiny I've ever had, sorry all i have is a geodude)? Its in my Diamond, is that okay? If not say the word and i shall subsequently inform you of some of my White 2 rares.
(I can definitely up the anty for jirachi, tell me if phione is good enough for you)
Ill trade for the shiny geodude however jirachi is on my white 2 - let me see if i have a copy somewhere else - unless you can get your geodude onto white 2

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