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Haru grinned. "Well...Let's see here. I don't know. I like to play guitar. I'm really good at that." He noted to himself that he would have to go get his accoustic and play a song for Holly. It was necessary. Haru noted his one other hobby. "I like reading too, but not as much as I like playing guitar." He looked around and noticed Kayla was still sleeping. "I'm not really what you would call an 'outdoorsy person', if you get my drift. What are some of your hobbies?" He smiled. The day has been excellent so far.

Twitch and Torch heard Rosemary make a comment about the night before, then sighed. "We weren't really alert last time. I promise you that we will all make it safely. I swear it." Torch announced. They were still upset about letting Geronimo get at Kayla, and they weren't gonna let it happen again. Void piped in, "Yeah. I'm here too, and that counts for something." The comment made Twitch laugh, but he managed to pass it off as a sneeze. Dutchess didn't really know what they were talking about.
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