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After working up a sweat, and seeing her Pokemon were not making much progress she decided that there needed to be a different method to her training. Poliwag was actually managing a decent water gun, not very powerfull yet but getting close. She walked up to Orrie and run her hand over his back, there was definitely static but Orrie couldn't harness it in any way.

"Okay, let's take a break from trying to learn something new, let's try doing something we already know... Eating!" She took a sandwich out for herself and set a bowl of berries out for her Pokemon. They all began eating, the aroma of the food lingered and Sara loved the smell. Unfortunately the smells also attracted some unwanted guests. A slakoth hanging from a tree and a nincada were also hungry, sluggishly the slakoth moved toward Orries bowl and began eating. The nincada did the same for Poliwag's, angering both Pokemon.

Orrie began growling at the slakoth but it just ignored him, and Poliwag was yelling in its voice at the nincada. The whole scene was quite funny to Sara, but then Orrie decided that he would just eat her sandwich. "Hey! Go get your bowl!" So she was pushing away Orrie while these two wild Pokemon enjoyed themselves with her pokemon's food. "Fine, fine I'll get your food back!"

She was about to just walk up and lift slakoth away, but he had finished eating Orrie's food and had gone to push away nincada. Nincada was about to fight back but slakoth yawned and nincada was fast asleep. "Uh, what, why did his yawning put that bug to sleep." She pulled out her pokedex and aimed it at the slakoth. "So you are a normal type huh," She waved for Orrie to come over, "I guess we are going to have to catch it." She nodded at Orrie, who took a fighting stance. "Orrie use tackle!" The slakoth was nonchalantly eating when the attack came, which caught him off guard.

"Good job Orrie!" The attack didn't do as much damage as she had hoped though, because the slakoth just got up, walked to Orrie and swiped at him with his claws, Orrie was taken down and kneeled on his front legs. That's a powerful scratch, I don't know if I should be worried or challenged. "Shake it off Orrie, we need to get this guy down! Get another tackle out!" Orrie charged forward, landing another direct hit. The slakoth looked more damaged, but again sent out a yawn. This time Sara could see that there was a bubble that went toward the target, it popped in Orries face and he swayed. He seemed to be fighting off sleep, "Orrie use a tackle, don't fall asleep!" He charged forward, using less power than before, but again landing a hit. "Good job! Keep fighting he seems to be weak." I wish I could fight instead of him right now...

Against her command though, Orrie fell asleep, she summoned him back into his ball. She looked back to see Poliwag eating from the bowl, "Come on Poliwag I need your help!" At first the Poliwag ignored her, but then she gave him a mean look and he complied. "Well now is a better time than ever to use Water Gun huh." Poliwag inhaled and shot a blast of water at the slakoth, powerful enough to shoot it back. Sara figured he would be weak enough to capture. "Well here goes nothing." She threw her pokeball and hit the slakoth, encasing it in a beam of light.

Meanwhile by accidentally dropping a few pokeballs one rolled and encased the nincada in a beam of light, unnoticed by Sara.
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