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1: you go to irfanview and "image" - "decrease colour depth"
2: Choose 16 colours.
3: goto "image" - "palette" - "edit palette"
4: Choose as first colour (background) any colour thats not anywhere else.
5: Save the screen (its mixed up) as Titlescreen 2 or something.
6: open the old titlescreen and the titlescreen 2 with paint XP.
7: Copy the old titlescreen and paste it into titlescreen 2.
8: Your titlescreen 2 looks normal again! Save it.

Thats it. ;D

Now my Question!:

Well, does someone know how to insert bigger images for the oak intro background?
Whenever i do so in UNLZ gba, this appears.
The sprite is with something strange surrounded!

How to fix , or how to avoid that? Thank you.
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