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I personally think this is something only iSheep will waste their money on. You can get a Kindle Fire for like $130 less and it can do just as much, just without some of the excess features. I really don't expect the iPad Mini to do well, and since many of Apple's victims just purchased an iPhone 5, the timing isn't great either.

I really hope this is a bomb, because it's about time Apple lost money on something. They're becoming so mega-powerful that they can do all kinds of illegal things to control the market, and it's horrible, because all they do is steal others' technology, then blame other companies for stealing theirs. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing stole technology and got banned from the market due to a lawsuit from the anti-Apple coalition that is developing... which I'd be glad to join tbh.


Sorry... I just hate Apple that damn much, and I probably should not reply to this thread again

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