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Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post

I noticed that by the time I went to battle Drayden. I was not ready for him. :\
I think this is suddenly turning into a B2/W2 Discussion Thread.

But yeah, you should have known Lucario can get Dragon Pulse from the Lentimas Town Move Tutor which costs 10 Blue Shards. It can come in handy against Drayden's Dragon-types.

@BinaryPeaches This is why Magnemite is the best Pokemon to catch around the time you get to Virbank City, cos its Steel-type makes Roxie's Poison-types useless against it. You can just train a Magnemite, get it to learn SonicBoom and then you can sweep Roxie's entire team with just that one move.

Oh, and good luck Peaches with your Mono Water run, I think I suggested a member for that team via your blog.