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Originally Posted by .parado✗ View Post
Now my Question!:

Well, does someone know how to insert bigger images for the oak intro background?
Whenever i do so in UNLZ gba, this appears.
The sprite is with something strange surrounded!

How to fix , or how to avoid that? Thank you.
The first two tiles in your background's new tileset must be transparent. You need to have both of them transparent because the Professor Oak sprite's tilemap which overlays the entire screen is displayed in 256 colours which crunches regular 16 colour tiles together (You can see this if you look at the Tile Viewer of your Emulator and switch between the two colour display options).

Originally Posted by CrystalStatic View Post
? I wasn't asking anything...
itman was correcting your statement that Paint can't be used at all. While its true that the newer Windows 7 version of Paint doesn't support indexed images or transparency, the older ones do. People interested in looking to downgrade their Paint can follow a tutorial like this one - I reverted back a long time ago since I find it is the easiest image editor to work with by far.

Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
XSE won't let me edit scripts, it only lets me save them as new files to have on my computer.

XSE doesn't let me edit scripts, it just lets me save them as new files...
Are you just clicking on the 'Save Script' icon which looks like a floppy disk? You need to click on the 'Compile' icon which looks like two cogs in order to insert your new/ edited scripts into the game.