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Quote originally posted by Olli97:
Ownership of the club has been transferred to Psystar63

Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
Username: Seraphimon-sama
Nickname: Kuchiki-taicho
Favorite Pokemon: Staraptor
Favorite Move: Brave Bird
Partner Pokemon and Pokemon's name: Hakuteiken the Staraptor
Answer to the topic: I honestly prefer the Pidgey line to the Spearow line. My reasons are because Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot are more common than Spearow/Fearow and also because the Pidgey line learns much better moves.
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welcome to the club, Seraphimon-sama!!!
i hope u have fun here!!

Quote originally posted by Psystar63:
Welcome to the club Seraphimon-sama! I shall add you to the list in a bit.

As the new owner of The Point Above the Clouds, I need to think of some ideas of how to get this club full of activity lately. If anyone has any ideas of what sort of events they'd like to see happen here, perhaps a competition of sorts or a quiz, then please PM me.

Also, I think I should also start recruiting for a co-owner... I'll probably need some help with running a club If anyone would like to volunteer, just say so!

Much appreciated! :D
i would like to volunteer

some pics :