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Alright, here's another update:

I re-scratched the project (again I did not like the structure, but this time I do like the structure of my system)..
Here are some things I added:
Added a better image loader,
Added some image functions (such as setting the alpha, color, rotation),
Added 3D support, currently it's only a block, but it's getting there.
Added A script parser for both Javascript and Ruby (Still finishing this up and yes this means that RMXP scripts MIGHT work),
Added an HTML file such as what essentials used to have (I shall build this up along the way as I add more features).
Added Scene Support (I don't know if I said this already, but it's like Scenes in essentials. Scene_Intro as an example)
Classified my scripts (I added packages which contains the appropriate scripts inside)

These are some of what I had completed from today and yesterday (which was when I scratched my system yet again)

There is 1 bug currently (not much of a bug though) when loading images with a height or width greater than 1024 it brings the game crashes (the debug messages says it's because the image is too big)

Here's an image showing the current intro:
Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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Also, I "stole" essentials title screen (I don't think it matters since I am giving Maruno credit for now until it's changed + it's in an open source kit.)
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