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Name - Umbr30n
Partner Pokemon (Only one) - Groudon
Why do you want to join - Ground is one of my ever-lasting allies. It helped me a lot in Pokemon Fire Red and some of my favourite Pokemon are Ground-Type! Need I say more?

What is your favorite ground type move and why?

Well, I have two. They are both very strong moves, and they are both used for strategy. Well, sometimes, obviously not always, I wouldn't know who uses Tactics/Strategies or who would use all-out power.

Earthquake because it's such a strong move! It is also very useful for many people, and power goes from 100 to 150 if the Pokemon using it is Ground-Type! Also, it is very effective against five Types, which really packs a punch to many Pokemon (But not Flying-Types, they're just boasting about the fact that they are immune to Ground-Types HOWEVER there are obvious exceptions). Also, almost all Ground-Type Pokemon have very high Attack which ups Earthquake's power even more! Plus there is a TM for it, which really can make a person happy knowing there are more ways than one just to get a Pokemon with Earthquake... Earthquake can really make a Pokemon formidable, and they can trip up Pokemon that are sweepers themselves quite easily. It's the best offensive Ground-Type move for Pokemon without the ability to learn Fissure, the ultimate Ground-Type move.

Fissure because it is an all-out, 1-hit K-O move. It may have low Accuracy (30% to be exact) but still, it is quite a good move for it's amount of PP (Keeping in mind that you won't have SEVEN FISSURES missing the opponent, but 2-5 instead). Back in Generation I, this was a big rocker. It had it's own TM, surprisingly, and FOURTEEN Pokemon can learn it by level up as of Generation V. Nine Pokemon can learn it via breeding, and just about 30 Pokemon can learn it through TM. That is just over a fifth of the Pokemon of Generation I that can learn it. So actually, it was quite a common move itself, until the later Generations, where the quantity was reduced to only 23 (Except in Generation II, if you use Transfer to transfer the Fissure Pokemon to Generation II). It is risky, but that's the fun of the battle, isn't it? Taking risks to make things like battles more fun?

It's quite a good thing that all of the Pokemon Types weak to Ground are all quite common! But they still can be quite rare, but you can get information on where to find them by battling a Trainer's Ground-Type to gain information about it!