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Well, I'm getting pretty far so I might as well update:

- Named myself Ethan and chose Totodile for more of a challenge with Rival(Meganium)
- Named rival Silver
- Mopped up Sprout Tower and Violet Gym
- Caught Marie(Mareep) and benched Totodile
- Cleared Slowpoke Well and Azalea Gym
- Made it to Goldenrod and DESTROYED Whitney
- Talked to Bill in Ecruteak then went and got Shock You!(Eevee)
- Made Eevee into Jolteon then caught Screw Ball(Magnemite)
- Went to Olivine for the Good Rod, then went and caught WooFakFak(Chinchou)
- Went back and beat Morty and grabbed Surf
- Skipped over to Mahogany and cleared the Rocket Hideout
- Picked up Demoman(Electrode)

Alright, now it's time to pay Chuck a little visit

Yellow: 8/8l Crystal: 4/16

Ultimate Fairy-Mono Challenge
Kalos: 6/8

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

On Hold:
Dark - on Gen IV lll Flying - on Gen IV lll Ground - on Gen IV
Psychic - on Gen IV lll Steel - on Gen IV