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As easter eggs were mentioned earlier, you might be interested to know that there are two related to the fossil reviver. What are they?

Originally Posted by FL . View Post
I didn't like the way that you made the choice selection in the boat event. The selection is fine for this example, but imagine if the boat has two more tickets?
Then you can use the "more than 4 choices" message command, which is demonstrated in the player's house. I'm not going to do everything for you; users will have to do a bit of thinking for themselves.

Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
First things first: I don't consider an example of a sloped cycling road stupid. Partly because I tried it once a long time ago and couldn't get it working properly at the time. I probably could if I tried it now, but either way, I think that's something a lot of beginners would want to know. Plus, you've already got the FR/LG cycling road in there as is, inaccessible house included.

Inaccessible house, once again. My suggestion would instinctively be to put something there (and a way to get there). As for what, I'm not too sure. Maybe an example item maniac or something?

Also, in reply to what FL said, honestly, I disagree with FL in that I think it's a bit unnecessary to add a second floor to the ice cave, Though, I did just have a thought. How do boulders work being pushed over ice tiles? If there's any importance to that, maybe that's what you can add to the second floor should you choose too.
There's a tutorial for making a map sloped on the wiki, and it is by no means necessary for a cycling-only map to be sloped southwards. Besides, the map looks flat.

I can't think of anything to put in that house, and it would be one more map adding to an already sizeable selection. Is an item maniac someone who buys certain items for a higher price than you could ordinarily sell them for? I'll put one in the Lerucean market.

For the record, pushing a boulder through a hole onto ice works exactly the same as the existing boulder-down-hole example, except it should become an inert non-passable event downstairs rather than a boulder. I may make such an example. As for pushing a boulder directly onto ice, it behaves exactly the same as on regular ground, i.e. it moves 1 tile. I could make them frictionless and slide just like the player, but I'm not sure if I should - either option could be used to make nice puzzles.