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Quote originally posted by Stefke:
Okay thanks for the information. I didn't remember Wooper was so rare in GSC. In fact, I remember that I randomly caught one in my very first Gold game -- that's probably why I assumed it was common --, not knowing what it would evolve in or anything, and it became my strongest Pkmn. I don't recall ever having to look that much for it, though, I must have been lucky.
Luck does play a role. Even in Unova's Abundant Shrine, you have a 5% chance of getting Murkrow (Black) or Misdreavus (White), and I encountered two very quickly in my first go. I then went back to get a fresh catch for someone in a trade, and literally went an hour without finding a single one. I couldn't believe it. But it happens.

In Emerald, to date, I've seen two or three Ralts on Route 102. And that's the only place to find them (one went to an in-game trade for something otherwise only available via swarms). Skitty have been more common on 116 than those Ralts in my experience.

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