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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
As for grass/steel, I would see it as more like wall, similar to Torterra but even more defensive. And all they'd have to do was give it a cool signature move, like some sort of iron branch move? Lol I don't really know. Grass rock would be nice, since all we have is Cradily... :/

Basically I just want an awesome tank of a grass starter XD
Ferrothorrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn. :( I really, really, really disliked Ferrothorn, it was a huge disappointment after hearing there was a Grass/Steel type in Gen V, and I fear that what you're asking for is very similar! I'd love to see some kind of agile ninja type Pokémon with huge Steel blades and awesome vines and stuff! Now that would be cool. B)

Originally Posted by zid_sen View Post
Don't you all think that Grass/Bug is good to be a starter too?
Leavanny is the example, it is so beautiful,cute and something really strong~
YESSS. That was my answer when I first replied to the topic, Grass/Bug is one of my favourite type combinations after the Sewaddle family <3 You'd be able to get such a cool/cute Pokémon using those two types and it could be kick-ass strong! Most definitely something I'd like to see happen. :D
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