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Sorry if this has been asked somewhere back on page 367 of 924, but I didn't feel like searching back that far.

In the Block Editor in AdvanceMap, which I'm toying with for the first time trying to fix some tile issues in a hack, I'm trying to figure out which flag makes a character (or Hero) hide behind the tile when standing in the spot that tile is on. I already know "??? [00]" hides the player behind a tile. However, there are tiles that use transparency to reveal a tile underneath.

In my example, the area behind the Gym is accessible, but it also has snow on it. The way this tile has been set up by the designer is that the building tile is the base tile and the snow is the second tile. You can walk onto the Gym tiles (as in walking behind the Gym) to hide behind them and they work for hiding behind the snow. However, now I need to hide behind the building tile itself. Can I do this?

Assuming I can, that will take care of one tile. I then have one more complication as pictured below:

In this case, the Hero should be seen behind the upper-left segment, but not the rest. Because of the extreme corner being in the right segment (the part hidden behind), it causes him to hide behind the extreme corner, but the transparency in the snow tiles causes him to appear in the pink areas:

I'm thinking I might have to remove the snow from these tiles. Thought I'd ask for help first.

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