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Woah, what an awesome month!!!

Quote originally posted by Yami_Zidane:
Wow, this place is still going. Awesome.

Hi guys don't think I've posted since 2009, but I'm Yami. I used to be Co-owner of the Shiny Hunters club and an avid shiny collector.

When I had my DS and Diamond version stolen, which had all of my pokémon on it I pretty much gave up on gaming but I've been sucked back in with the release of Black and White 2.

Unfortunately I don't have any of my old shinys :-\ but best part was hunting for them so I'm back in the game!

Hopefully some of the older members are still here; Metal Mario, ryan, LDD. Either way it's good to be back and it's great to see the club is still so active! I hope you'll all welcome me back with open arms, even though I'm shiny-less now.

EDIT: Just had a look at the front page, its so cool to see my name highlighted with the other guys I knew, seems the torch has been passed on though! I'm liking the yearly/monthly quests. It's a nice idea gutted we never thought of it when we were active, although we didn't have access to the first page haha.
Welcome back, Yami!!!!!!! Aaryn just came back a couple of weeks ago, and now we have TWO ancient legends of SHC past!!!!! :cer_laugh:

I'm sorry to hear about your shinies. But you're totally right: the fun is in the hunt!

Quote originally posted by Aaryn:
When I finish the game I'll start hunting like I did back then. i intend to put loads of hours into this version, like I did with ruby. This will be my reentry to the series.
That's great to hear!!

Quote originally posted by Dratizard:
I'm going to keep lurking around the club, but I highly doubt I will ever hunt again. I might get excited if I find a shiny, but what are the odds of that? (*coughs* 1/8192) But anyways, I'm thinking about getting a potato, but I might have better luck getting a carrot . Well, see you around.
Nooooo! Keep on hunting!! Do not lose heart! Luck is right around the corner!! *splashes Dratizard with a luck bucket*

Quote originally posted by Le Krome:
this happens
Welcome back! Congrats on the shiny!

Quote originally posted by Latios Master:
I think G-Money's comment about B/W2's story was directed at me. I'm sorry if I revealed too much. I will limit what I say about the new games.
Not at all! I was just saying preemptively.

Quote originally posted by Lunafloon:
I joined the club ages ago I believe! But it was years ago, probably 2009/10 since that's when I got my last shiny! If I need to rejoin just say so but for now I'll assume no if that's okay! :3
Welcome back! I just checked for you, and your last post was in March 2009!! "lol" that was almost 2 years before i even joined, haha. It's great to see so many hunters returning! May BW2 bring you luck!

Quote originally posted by WhiteAce:
Hee i just starting hunting. Can Somebody give my some tips <_< i am hunting on a shiny tepig btw

Can you ppl help me? XD
Welcome! Good luck on your Tepig hunt - my best advice is to just stick with it! Never give up!

Quote originally posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE:
Another RE shiny for me.

Quote originally posted by Lunafloon:
what are your thoughts on the Shining Charm?

...I'm worried finding more shinies or making them easier to find might ruin the fun, and that they won't be as special or as exciting as finding a 1/8000 something shiny would be. I mean, the Pokéradar plus RNG already make it easier, and the Masuda Method does too though I believe not so much...

I don't want to feel like I'm cheating myself out of the fun of finding shinies...
I'm not going to get the Shining Charm, pretty much for the reasons you listed. I think it's more fun/rewarding to get shinies when they're rarer, and it makes hunting more of a challenge for me. Everyone has their own way of hunting, and I personally like the thrill of trying to do the near-impossible. Making it easier would take away some of the fun in it for me.

But it's totally up to you! If you're going for a cool collection or battle-ready shinies, you might be more interested in getting the Shining Charm. Shiny hunt in the Lunafloon style! :D

Quote originally posted by Kirozane:
Welcome back! Woah, that's incredible that you completed the Pokedex already. I still haven't finished...well, any Pokedex since Blue! Congrats on doing such a monumental task, and so quickly at that!!

Quote originally posted by synerjee:
Hi! Can I join?
Yes! Welcome to the SHC!

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:


Female, Level 16, Bashful nature.

YAYAYAYYAYAYAY! I was so scared I was going to lose this! I've always wanted a shiny zubat! :DDDDD

Quote originally posted by Flydro:
Can I join this club?
Yes! Congrats on those shinies - you got Cyndaquil so quickly!! I'm still hunting for him and I've done over 12000 SRs, "lol." You must have taken my luck when I wasn't looking!!

*guards luck buckets carefully, but then lets Flydro have them again*

Quote originally posted by drummerdude776:
Can I please join this club? I have had too many shinies to count
Welcome to the club, drummerdude776! Too many shinies to count, eh? That's awesome!!

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Ahh, congrats dude! That was seriously tense reading that, the spoilers almost made me have a heart attack! Good job on catching it, Zubat is a really cool shiny to have :D Good thing he attacked the Rattata first though xD

As for me, I've been doing some shiny hunting too recently! On Black I've been spending a lot of time trecking around Pinwheel Forest whilst watching anime in hopes that I'll run across a shiny Sewaddle soon. No luck yet, but I'm only at around 1,200 encounters so a fair few to go yet I reckon. Hopefully I'll get as lucky as Golurk soon and manage to find one out of the blue xD
Good to see you hunting, Ozzy! I hope you manage to get that Sewaddle!
Shiny Hunting Status:

Path of the Dragon: 2/7
Path of the Ghost: 11/18
Path of the Starter: 10/18
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