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Shawn feels a gust of chilly wind blow through the clearing, seeing the white-haired girl shiver slightly from the cold. He watched her call her pokemon to her and walk quickly back to the academy. He shook his head, smiling, wondering more about her as he stepped out into the clearing. He surveyed the area and thought this would be a good place to relax. Zapper flew around where the skirmish was as Shawn rolled a log to the edge of the clearing to sit down.

Shawn sat down alone, letting Sting and Cactuar out to get some fresh air. The drapion walked along the edge of the clearing, keeping its eyes open for danger, while his cacnea leapt into some bushes close to them. Shawn relaxed some, cursing himself for not introducing himself to that girl. "How do you expect to make friends if you don't talk to anyone?" He shook his head and made a promise to himself that the next time he sees someone, he'd introduce himself.

After a little time, Shawn and his pokemon got up and walked to the academy. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a battle between a Scyther and a Scizor. His eyes grew wide as a smile crept across his chilled face. "I gotta see this! Cactuar, Sting, return!" he said as he returned them to their pokeballs. Let's go, Zapper." he called to his Emolga as he ran to the battlefield.

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