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Given the recent events, Hanso was surprised, though it didn't show in his face, when Penance moved closer and began talking to him. "I appreciate your honesty brother. It's something that others lack apparently, but I did notice during the battle that you left the telepathic network open, and you seemed distressed about it. If you want, I can teach you how to make it more secure and give you a surefire way to also detect whether or not your mind is being intruded by another psychic." He said with a friendly smile. "It's not hard, but it does require performing the exercise every day to get better at it. You up for it?"

The Golduck was pointedly ignoring most of the others at the same time. Okay, he's at least partly forgiven me, but not the others. So far. Penance was also offering to tutor him in telepathy and mind-defense. Hanso slowly nodded, ignoring the fact that the Golduck was several years younger. "Sure," he answered, not rushing his words. "It was...the first time in a long time I'd met a strong psychic, so I wasn't in top shape." After hesitating, Hanso added, "I'm not sure if you'd noticed me leaving the fight with Ignitus. 'Distressed' is the right word, and...I pretty much abandoned the fight to go find that psychic." Honesty was especially important now, yet Hanso wasn't willing to share details that were very specific or personal, or both.

Looking back at Penance, Hanso said, "Of course, I'm not sure how much you remember, but it's your decision to share what you want. I'd be glad to learn what you could teach me."

It was good that Gallant had lived after Frost's surprise shot, and that the Gold Tribe in general were conversing. As they came closer to the Golden Catacombs, Hanso looked up at the Korhal Mountains a few times. Roswell, the King of Thieves, had to know they'd been on their way to the Thieves' Forest in order to settle a deal with the Silver Tribe. Either that, or the Silver Tribe knew beforehand and approached Roswell. Hanso wasn't about to forget the few times that Penance mentioned a spy in the city, or army, whichever it might turn out to be. If the Gold Tribe had decided to go through the Korhal Mountains instead of the forest, would they have been met with some other obstacle?

As they approached the doors to the Golden Catacombs, and they opened to the Gold Tribe's emblems, Hanso brought his mind back to the present. After putting his armband back on, he glanced at Penance again. Despite the Swift's words, the Gallade wasn't so ready to suggest a telepathic network. There were two reasons for that. First, if looks were correct, no one had come through these doors in a long time, so there might not be danger. Second, Hanso wasn't sure how Penance would feel about joining such a network with the others at this time.

As the Swift entered, Hanso made his way up front to be second in line. In his opinion, the Scizor was probably going to miss some details. We need to be able to spot danger before it strikes.