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Quote originally posted by Livewire:

Right before the criminals shat themselves.
Awesome Batman suit you have Livey <3 It makes you look cool.

Quote originally posted by Kura:
Yeah Drakow :3 your cosplay looked awesome!

I went as lightning again this year.. no pics of that actually haha! And Jaden Yuki! Which I just took pics of in the hotel room! I wasn't camera-snappy this time around!


Sorry Mr.Catdog! I know you are in the BG but this was like the only picture there that wasn't blurry! But you do pull off a very convincing Jon cosplay ;3

This is a bit blurry.. and I don't like how I look.. but you can see what I am cosplaying as :3

And I made the jacket from scratch and dyed/ styled the wig myself..

and just for the heck of it:

My armour dismantled.
And Kura, awesome Jaden Yuki costume you have. And is that Mr Cat Dog in the background of one of the pics? Well, that's nice he's in there.