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Your darmanitan team is goid in coverage and in offense, but I believe that the reason why your first team isnisn't winning is because your whole goal is to set up excadrill. He is the pivot of your team but setting him up wrong. I built this sandstorm team e while ago, and it has worked wonders with me.
rock polish
Stone edge

Dragon tail
Thunder wave

Sword dance
Fire fang
Its a simple set up and sweep team. Tyranitar goes in doubles in speed and 2hko's most apponents after he dies dragonite induces paralisis and phases the other pokemon. Thus paving tge way for a sword dancing garchomp.

For your excadrill I'd advise you to get a scizor and a tyranitar. it should end up like so:
Scizor: sword dance/ Arial ace/ Bullet punch/ baton pass
Tyranitar: rock polish/ stone edge/ crunch/some thing for type coverage
Excadrill rockslide/ Earth quake/ x-scissor/ sword dance/ iron head

Scizor can baton pass a sword dance to either tyranitar or excadrill. I prefer tyranitar so sand stream comes in play asap(and to save the best for last) after recieving a sword dance make tyranitar use rock polish and win!!! If he dies then baton pass as many sword dances to the sand devil as you want cause scizor will have added sp. Defence in a sandstorm. So with excadrill you can remove sword dance and replace it with something else or keep it jst in case baton pass fails. oh and scizor can naje a decent sweeper with technician. His arial ace will double to 120 his bullet punch will also double, back those moves with a sword dance and bam!!

If the 2 replacements are out of the question then let me suggest this instead: teach acrobatics to gliscor

Replace alakazam with a sand streamer

Gliscor with a fly gem and acrobatics will hit hard, you can probably go as far asvto teach him sword dance. Hevis bulky enough to set up and after one sword dance STAB earthquaje will do major damage. Acrobatics will akso be goid caus of gliscor type and it also hits grass so your sand streamer will be protected.
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