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Originally Posted by ilovecrumpet View Post
Firstly: Rock Smash. I've tested this on your map after the Kung Fu mini game. The rocks outside the "Cave" seem to be smashable, even if Rock Smash is not learnt by a Pokemon, as well as not owning the TM. I have everything default, was just playing around and testing it and it said "Would you like to smash it?" *Click Yes* Then it smashes. Is there a conditional branch missing or is there a problem with the coding itself recognising whether you have the TM or not. Minor though, I know you can manually work around it but thought I'd point it out
did you started the game with "Game.exe" or just testen it on the RPG maker window?
if its the later try it with Game.exe and you will see that its possible on the RPG maker window just for testing purposes...