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Originally Posted by ExarKun View Post
The point is that i cannot play in Desmume, my computer is an old Athlon XP 1.467Mhz 512Mib RAM No-DDR, has not even SSE2, so regular version of Desmume's does not run ... (there exists a special version that does not need SSE2, but is more slow that the normal one).

On the other hand, with NO$Zoomer can play to 95/100 % (nocash render) and 85/95 % (opengl render) of perfomance... I love No$Zoomer (NO$GBA included... AR codes necessitated).
Hm... having said that, have you tried disabling "Advanced Bus-Timer" in Emulation Settings? 'Cause it's turned on by default and can cause massive lagging.

Simply go to Config > Emulation Settings, then de-select the box next to "Advanced Bus-Timer".
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