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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Just a quick question, RichterSnipes.

Did you find any music table in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow? I'm currently writing a programme which deals with Gen 1 and 2 music. It's working quite well for Gen 2 (well, for Gold and Silver, since I also don't have Crystal's music table location), but I can't test it on Gen 1 because I don't have a song table.

Incidentally, I will cry if there isn't one.
I would think that there is a music table in the ROM. Doesn't every elaborate game released by the time of these games have one? Regardless, I didn't actively go to figure out if there is one in the first place. All I did was find the location of the actual tracks ingame.

Funny thing about those: the song data itself was stored in three different areas in the ROM (I'm talking about Red, specifically). Those areas were from 9BA3-BFF3, 22330-23F51, and 7DBBB-7FFF9. The headers were at 822E-82FD and 7C249-7C2FC. I don't know what a music table looks like, or where one would be located, for that matter. My best guess is that it'd be at offset 8000. Don't quote me on that...unless you feel like it.

Out of curiosity, what is the location for the music table in Gold and Silver? That program you're making sounds awfully interesting!
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