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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
The reason why Chansey's Blissey's Defense and Special Attack never went up that much during EV training is because they're naturally low (Chansey has base 5 Defense and base 35 Special Attack).

Also, Blissey is better off investing its EVs in HP, Defense or Special Defense because its Special Attack isn't high enough to inflict significant amounts of damage.

So then Blissey is a trashy pokemon?

If it's attack is rubbish, and it's Special Attack is apparently not high enough to inflict a significant amount of damage, then what are my options to keep Blissey as a pokemon?

If I'm better off investing in EV's for Defense, and it's just generally low, then should I just not worry about it? Or will it get better over time? You're sending mixed messages.