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I really like it. I had never been so excited over a pokemon game or any video game even. The designs are great and the game is cool. Only two problems I have with it is- One, you just get things randomly (i.e. Some clown dude just randomly gives you a bike. In previous games you had to save the bike guy but now some strange clown just hands you a bike. Also, Bianca stalks you and randomly gives you hm's. There are more but thats all i can think of off the top of my head). And two- Everything has changed. Some of this is not possible in two years (i.e. Bianca looks like she's at least five years older, Gym's have been changed/moved, the cold storage has been demolished and replaced with the world tournament, victory road has been moved altogether, new towns have been made (or have they been "discovered?" I dont know.) So, those are the two problems I have but otherwise, the game is awesome!
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