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I never had and still don't think they are badass. They for me are just a different entity then they used to be, by now playing the role of "actual" bad guys and not just comic relief that gets irritating imo after awhile. There act was so dry by now that I didn't even want to see them; it was just try and capture Pikachu come up with a plot, think of how they are going to please the boss, make fools out of themselves and fail miserably. After all the regions we have seen them in its just stagnation on their part. We say they have lack of characterization, but what significant characterization have they really added since OG?

I like their new role, even if we don't see them often at least they utilize the time given too them. And we say they can't be successful in their missions? Why, at least it is something different and at least its not something we have already seen countless times. They could have did more with them yes, but again they could also do more with Plasma...

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