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Candice Greyson

I was so mesmerized by the landscape before me. The screen showed a paradise. Although I do love the snow all around me-CREAK.

What was that?

Alert, I literally drop the computer to the ground, focusing on the window closest to me. Horrible thoughts ran through my head at the realization that it was ice. It sounded just like ice cracking...but why? Was this house so heavy? If so, it would have caved in by now. My curiosity wasn't getting any smaller either. Unable to put it aside, I look out of the window and...


I couldn't go get my laptop. That THING outside was...huge. What WAS that thing? There's not telling what will happen if it attacks this house. Telling myself it's some sort of ogre, fear starts to build up inside me.


No use in wasting time now, my friends probably need me! They don't know I'm about to face a huge beast, but there isn't much I can do to defeat it anyway. With FLUFFRICKSPRITE and my dad still inside, I couldn't risk getting out. Sure, FLUFFRICKSPRITE is amazingly powerful, as if he has magic, but there's always a limit. I'm afraid I have to put my hope up for my friends for now.

I run over to my laptop and pick it up, immediately responding to my friend's pesterings.

BE: Snow, eh? That sounds horribly impractical. Cold and all. But maybe better against imps than Vieve's world. They seem to be pouring out of every tree and bush around her house now.
BE: You learned stuff already? I only have my sprite to teach me stuff and he's really dull. But I guess he does tell me what I need to know.
BE: Uh, yeah... those imps really are ugly.
BE: If you hadn't prototyped some silly toy of mine, they would have looked better
BE: I mean
BE: I'm not blaming you, sorry.
BE: :) I make a smiley as well to show that I'm happy and all
BE: It's fun building onto Vieve's house. I made stairs and I'm fooling imps and whatnot
BE: I hope she'll appreciate my fine sense of architecture when she climbs into her gate or whatsitscalled
BE: Ah, you crushed an imp under the designix thing, thanks! That really helped actually
BE: I get that you too are busy with imps and stuff but I think you need to build up to my gate as well. My sprite seems to think so.
BE: So... don't get hurt, ok?
BE: Because that would be bad. Of course.

AM: That's true.
AM: Never thought about it like that.
AM:'s cool.
AM: Never knew you had that and it intrigued me, you know.
AM: And thanks for the smiley.
AM: Will do that somehow.

I take out a Mountain Dew at this precise moment. As soon as the heavenly drink touched my hand, I snap it open and start to chug it. Hopefully it calms me down, since I've always ran for the Mountain Dew for these rare situations. After gulping down half of the drink, I start to feel a tad bit calmer. Although not as calm as I wanted, it's better than being paranoid.

I try to do the most obvious thing and run over to the alchemizer. Being in the bathroom, it wasn't a big worry such as the Cruxtruder, that was in my imp-infested room. At first I tried to figure out what to do...but I realized cards don't go here. Wait...that Alchemiter thingy! Who cares if I said it wrong? There's a huge imp right outside my house!

Running over to the Alchemiter-thingy that was in my dad's room, I tried to ignore everything around me and thought about that FLUFFRICKSPRITE had told me about the machine. "That bat of yours is really impressive, Candice. I mean, Tulio's bat. But I have a feeling it could be improved; made into an even better weapon. The way to go is by ALCHEMIZING. You have to make your server player DEPLOY a thing called the PUNCH DESIGNIX. With it, your SYLLADEX cards, some CRUXITE, the TOTEM LATHE and finally the ALCHEMITER, you can create just about anything. As long as you have the ingredients for it. It's usually better to decide on ingredients first and see what you get when you try alchemizing them."

Getting an idea of what to do, I take out my bat my from Strife deck. "Now, what to use for the second item...?"

"Say you want to create a dress made of metal. You could captchalogue an empty tin can and a dress of yours... I mean, not that you would have a dress. Let's say a pair of pants instead. Then you scan the codes that appear on the back of those pink cards with the PUNCH DESIGNIX. A new card, a red one, will be spat out from the machine, and you can use that in the TOTEM LATHE with a CRUXITE DOWEL in the same way you used the PRE-PUNCHED CARD earlier. And then put the TOTEM in the ALCHEMITER, to finally create the new item. Which will hopefully be a pair of pants made of metal. Not very comfy, perhaps. And depending on the can used, it might have a strange pattern saying "BEANS" or something like that."

Tin can, huh? I have both Mountain Dew in tin cans and plastic bottles. Obviously the tin cans is the best option. Imagine my metal! Green with the Mountain Dew logo! Might not come out exactly like that, but there was one curious question I had...what if the can of Mountain Dew is full and not empty? This was something I definitely wanted to test out!

I didn't hesitate to let the machine devour the first card: Dad's Bat. Second was the Tin Can of Mountain Dew. Both returned with holes punched into them. Then my mind went blank. What was I supposed to do next?


ANOTHER? Is it coming closer??? All this pressure! I plop out another Mountain Dew and rush over to the next machine. Gulping down along the way, and crushing it when I was done, I ignored both FLUFFRICKSPRITE and my dad once more. It was for their good.

Now in front of the Cruxtruder, I put the card into the slot, but...I was missing something. Was it...oh no. I had to return into my imp-infested room again! Trying to keep my cool, I make another dash for my room, doing a daring leap. A wave of pain rushed through me when my feet impacted the door. Landing on the ground, I let out a loud yelp as pain rushed in from my wounded arm. Such a coincidence I landed on my injured arm.

Jumping up, the hood also lifts with me and falls neatly over my head, almost concealing my eyes. There was a huge pile of GRIST scattered around the door. I checked behind the door and found out a wave of GRIST falling down. I must have squished two imps, since three is too much for me to kick and kill with the door alone. Looking around, I noticed that there was no imps...wait, there's two on top of my bed. One of them seems to ignore me and instead sleep. The other was already bearing its fangs at me. What worried me was the location of the lizard-like enemy. Where DID it go?

Suddenly the imp dashed towards me. Too pressured to use my bat, which I had no idea if it would work being punched, I ran in a circle around the room. Following me, I tried to keep moving as much as I can. After a minute of running in circles, I slow down and turn around. It was wobbling with dizziness. I took the opportunity and grabbed the sleeping imp by its legs. Having no other thing to use, at the moment, I slam the sleeping imp against the tired imp. To my surprise the dizzy one exploded into GRIST. The sleeping one was knocked out. Wanting to end the poor imp's misery, I jump over the imp. After eleven jumps, it exploded into GRIST. Collecting all of the valuable currency, I caught a quick glimpse of another imp, but when I looked up, it was gone.

Once finished, I took out five dowels, rolling them out the door one by one. It took a long while until I got all five with the lathe. Minutes later, I finally felt ready. Putting a dowel in the machine, I finally stick both cards into the slot

It makes a curvier dowel than the last ones. Amazed, I look around and take the dowel over to the Alchemizer...