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Originally Posted by ThatOneGolurk View Post
I agree. Excadrill and Mienshao are something I've always had trouble with, no matter where or when.

I think Ferrothorn is a bit overpowered too; That thing walks like there's no tomorrow. Without a Fire or Fighting type move, that thing will take a looong time before it goes down.
Even with Fighting its still going to be heard to take out due to its high D, couple that with Iron Barb and you've got even more of a case against Fighting as a good deal of the moves are physical based.

Myself I think I have had most trouble with Hydregion. It has a great movepool and type coverage. Dragon Pulse + Dark Pulse hits pretty hard. Chandelure is pretty strong as well with its Special Attack being the highest of none legendaries and a great Special movepool to boot.

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